Richmark Training Sdn Bhd started off solely on Experiential Team Building programs and has progressed into other areas which include public workshops and corporate trainings due to the ever progressive demands from our clients.

Today, we specialize in 4 key areas:

1.Experiential Development Programs
Our core aspect of business. We have built teams and challenged organizations to greater heights by bringing out the best. With over 7 years of experience, our programs are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

2.Soft Skills Development Programs
Customer Support, Sales Training, Business English, these are highly sought-after skills and knowledge that are the core aspect of any business. We have the best certified PSMB trainers in their respective fields to impart their knowledge.

3.Personal Development Programs
To develop is to progress. We have created a program to develop personally as well as professionally. We equip the individuals with the skills and knowledge in order to play their roles effectively.

4.Public Seminars & Workshops
We offer core trainings in an open environment to enable networking and the sharing of knowledge between each other.